Season 2018

This year I will try to write about our trips better than last year.

I pick up our motorhome Sunday the 25th of mars, and no sign of spring – degrees and snow.

But around lunch the sun was shining and I could wash clean Betty ready for the first trip 2018

We Have been looking forward to let her out in the free again now starts the real life.

Traveling day 5.

Travling to Berchtesgaden-Oberau. First time ever we have been traveling at the autobahn without any queue. even no stop and go. We followed the road 92 running 95 km/h. so we ended upp on this Hock up for the night.motorhome stop rasp € 12 for a night include power water and empty the black and grey-water tanks. it was as quieter sleepover nothing more.

I know I am behind with the blog but I will follow up.



Berlin. Day 3

After a day on the road we decided to stay two nights in Berlin. The day where planed five weeks ahead we want to visit the dome at top off the Bundestag. A wish from my site for more than 7 years. If you want to visit the dome of the reichstag you have to ask for a invitations letter To the dome. Just follow the follow the link and you will directed to the webpage ask for invitation. The visit is free of charge. Be in good time with with planing of this visit otherwise you could miss it. It’s possible to ask for the invitation on site but be prepared, the next possible day can easily be more than one day in front of the currant day.

The trip to the was easy we jump on the bus M45 to Spandau Rathaus and went up to S train S5 jump off at the Hauptbahnhof. And from there, it’s 5-10 minutes walk. Here is some fotos from the done.The German bundestag Berlin.The boardwalk down inside the dome.There are 360 mirrors reflecting the daylight down to the plenary rum for the bundestag.The top of the dome is open. The resident for the primeminister (Angela Merkel).
The dome  seen from the roof of the bundestag. if you want t know more about the dome you  an read it here.

And in the evening we went for a short trip to Kurfürstendamm, where we stopped for some minutes paying our respect to offers from the terror attack I December.


Heading for Berlin. Day 2

The day started 6:30 in the morning because we had to catch Scandlines Ferry from Gedser to Rostock nine o’clock. I have traveled with this ferry many times and it has been a pleasure. But Sunday’s trip was not a pleasure the restroom was smelling badly, the cleaning was close to not existing no no paper towels and the automatic cleaning of the toilet did not work. Not a pleasant trip, Scandlinesthere is place for improvement.

It was the first time we did not drive to Berlin by the motorway, we took the ride on the side roads instead. and we realised that nature is much more beautiful when you take a drive on the side roads


After a nice day on the side roads we should find a hock up for the night an this ended to be at reisemobilhafen. After a try at WohnmobilPark Berlin in Tegel. Maybe not the first choice because it’s placed right under the take off and inflight line of Tegel international airport. But there is quiet between 00:00 – 06:00 where the first flight work as a alarm clock. Otherwise the place are okay for the price € 16 for one night. The electricity are included in the fee but it’s only 4 A so you can’t use it for heating the motorhome. The water cost Cent 10 for 10 L and 5 minutes shower for € 1.


Our vacation starts! Day 1.

Everything was fine from the morning, perfect start for the first day of vacation. Until we realised that we have hit the wrong button at the dishwasher. 2 hours delay we have chosen the eco program 4 hours instead of 2 hours. But after the delay we rolled out from Forsheda heading to Bunkeflo strand for a short visit to our daughter and her boyfriend. After that we went shopping for the first part of the vacation. Then a visit to our other daughter and her man. So after and hour we heading out of Copenhagen to our first destination for the night “Gedser harbour”. Before we take the ferry to Rostock in Germany heading for our next destination Berlin.

So from us a Good morning from Gedser Denmark